Сoworking space for entrepreneurs, technologists, and creatives. You do business - we take care of all the rest. We create a community for entrepreneurs who are eager to develop modern Ukrainian business within the local market and abroad.
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The working environment is a key point for productive operation of the company. We are located in the historical part of Kyiv - in Podol district. BeeWorking surrounded by office centers, restaurants, cafes and ancient buildings that create a breathtaking atmosphere of a European downtown.


Flexibility is our strength. Your office grows with your team. We can host companies starting with 2 people. Every office is a transformer that gives you a unique opportunity to change its size in a matter of hours.


Work with people you love. Run your business meetings at our coworking space. We are equipped with a number of meeting rooms that can host from 3 to 8 people. Get bonuses engaging your friends into BeeWorking community.


All you need for successful work is a cozy office space. We created one and only full cycle coworking center that includes gym, nursery, playroom, and kitchen equipped with all necessary facilities. This will help you to be successful and productive 24/7.
  • 24/7 access
  • High speed internet Wi-Fi + Ethernet
  • Stationary
  • Private lockers
  • Access to the Playroom
  • Kitchen and lounge
  • Bike parking
  • Shower
  • Business class printers
  • Phone booths for private calls
  • IT Support
  • Coffee points
  • GYM
  • Free parties for Coworkers
  • Kid’s room
  • Pet Friendly

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Plans & Pricing
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Coworking Space in Kiev City Center

BeeWorking is an innovative and full-scale coworking space in Kiev, created by an extraordinary and bright team of professionals. This is a bunch of talented and thinking outside-the-box guys who aim to make your working environment a cozy and productive place. BeeWorking offers you top-grade working conditions that are up-to-date with the world’s latest tendencies of developing high-end business environment.

Why Choose BeeWorking?

Have you been looking for cool office space for rent in Kiev? Beeworking’s super-snug coworking space comprises the ultimate range of essential facilities which ensure the comfort and coziness you need to stay inspired and uplifted while developing a business strategy or creating a killer promo article.


Our office welcomes its tireless clients in a beautiful historical Kyiv district, Podil. The renowned district, where you can rent a coworking space, is laden with numerous restaurants, cafes, picturesque streets, and stunning ancient administrative and residential buildings. This marvellous setting creates the inspiring ambience of an old European town. Besides, our working space in Kontraktova Square is easy to get to, and the transportation near it is as comfy as the office itself – you have two subway stations just within a 5-minute walk and several bus stops around.


At BeeWorking place, you get to work in a modern office fully equipped with all the necessary commodities to make your business stay more productive and prolific. Ultra-soft chairs, lavish sofas, and just the strikingly fashionable design of the place are the elements that make the office so appealing to picky customers. BeeWorking rooms can host from 2 to 16 people.


Our office features all the essentials that you need to have a nice rest. Here you are offered sports and leisure amenities to stay both physically and mentally fit and give yourself a break. BeeWorking guys have equipped the place with a modern game room, where you can enjoy yourself at a ping-pong table and the latest PlayStation. Do some tennis to loosen your muscles and hit a GTA or Need for Speed game just to let your mind wander for a little while! Aside from the gaming room, BeeWorking offers you a terrace to grab a bite in between the flows of your creativity and savor the breathtaking view of Podil. Also, you can take some time to chill in our welcoming lounge zones, where you can listen to your favorite music or watch a motivational video on YouTube. Moreover, at BeeWorking place, you can visit our modern mini sports club downstairs. No more tiring drives to the nearest gym before your work. From now on, you have your working space and a workout zone all in one place. Finally, after working out you can use our relaxing shower to retrieve your willingness to work and to refresh yourself.


BeeWorking service package features the following room types: Meeting rooms, BeeHive, BeeGarden, and Honeycombs.

  • Meeting rooms range by the number of people. We offer rooms for 6, 8, and 10 people at the price of $12, $16, and $20 respectively. The rooms are supplied with a full range of commodities for a business meeting. Furthermore, you can bring your pets along and have a fancy coffee/tea/cookies point at your service in each meeting room.
  • Bee 50 service package will cost you $80. The rooms can be accessed 24/7 14 days a month. There’s bike parking for you and you can take your cat or dog along. Moreover, there’s a separate room for kids, like in every zone featured by Beeworking. The plan gives you 3 hours of access to the meeting rooms a month.
  • BeeHive service package costs $100 per month. It can be used for a month. The rooms can be accessed 24/7; they include bike parking, a high-tech kitchen, and a lounge zone. BeeHive also allows pets. With BeeHive, you get 5 hours of access to the meeting rooms.
  • BeeGarden service package can be accessed 24/7 during the whole month. The price is $170 per month. This zone includes the aforementioned gym, a shower, a kitchen with the basic treats, kids’ room, and unlimited stationery. The plan gives you 10 hours of access to the meeting rooms a month.
  • HoneyComb service package constitutes a private office-transformer, which is the deluxe type of rooms that BeeWorking offers. The price starts $230 per month and will give you the complete range of commodities and supplies your need to conduct effective and productive teamwork. The HoneyComb plan gives you 30 hours of monthly access to the meeting rooms.