Enjoy the collaborative spirit of BeeHive zone 14 days a month. Bring your laptop, pick a free space and start your work.

*shared space

Quantity of people

  • 24/7 access
  • High speed internet Wi-Fi + Ethernet
  • Stationary
  • Access to the Playroom
  • Kitchen and lounge
  • Bike parking
  • Business class printers
  • Phone booths for private calls
  • Free parties for Coworkers
  • Kid’s room
  • Pet Friendly
  • unlimited tea/coffee/cookies/fruits
  • office cleaning
  • 3 hours Access to Meeting Rooms per month

Bee50: Coworking Space Prices in Kiev City Center

Bee50 plan provides you with an opportunity to try out BeeHive zone and enjoy it during 14 days a month for $80. BeeHive is a cozy office area which freelancers and small teams can share. You can pick any free space to work. Moreover, you can change places, switching, for instance, from a table to a sofa. With Bee50 plan, you’ll have 24/7 access to the workspaces, as well as to the kitchen and lounge zone. You can have unlimited tea or coffee with cookies or fruits; also, you can go to the terrace or a playroom to have breaks between productive working sessions. BeeWorking offers you 3 hours per month for holding meetings in specially equipped rooms. You’ll also have access to business-class printers, phone booths, and, of course, high-speed Wi-Fi + Ethernet. A couple of additional benefits of BeeWorking: you can park your bike here, come with pets or leave your child in a children’s room. Another attractive thing is the location of workspaces: multi-functional office area is situated in the heart of the historical center of Kiev. BeeWorking offers favorable prices for shared office space in Podil and different office solutions for freelancers and startups. Bee50 plan is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the offerings for a short period of time. Check conditions and open space office prices in Kiev to find the most suitable option.